Church management system

Church management system. Ebekunsi Solutions

Church management system

Church management system is a complete church management system with a lot of features and functions to enhance the management and administration capabilities of a church.

Church management system improves the quality and administrative effectiveness of churches and religious organizations, by empowering members, administrative/management staff with real-time information, relevant assessment tools and access to religious resources online.

The solution is suitable for all range of religious organizations. Church management system is a complete web-based system and can be deployed on the internet or intranet for Administrators, Church Management, Families and Members.



Maintains Information of all members.
Pertinent information on current and
former members.
Register families as a group of members
Generate reports to show linked
relationships between members



Register a church group (e.g
choir, media, ministers)
Organize members under
the selected/created group.
Generate reports to show linked
relationships between members
and their groups.
Create church projects/outreach
Organize members/partnering
participants under project
Generate reports on project, its
events and participating members
especially outside the church staff



Create and manage church events info
Generate church calendar and create
the easy of setting up future events
and also produce first-hand centralized
info on the details of events.
Set events properties and associated
factors (e.g members, minister,
venue, etc.
Generate reports to show linked
relationships between events
Register church announcements
Track the announcements details and
Generate reports on all announcements
for the week/month/year.



Register new births of church
families. Maintain records of birth
Generate reports on child births in
the church
Register deaths of church members.
Maintain records of deaths and their
Generate reports on deaths in
the church

Weddings/ Marriages


Register weddings in the church.
Maintain detailed records of
weddings and sponsors
Generate reports on weddings in
the church
Create records of baptism events
in church
Maintain records of all
baptized members
Generate reports on baptism in
the church



Create a mailing service within the
church (doesn’t require internet)
To Send SMS individual and bulk
to members, groups, etc.
To create and send newsletters
to members via internet mail, etc
Register donations made by members
in cash or material
Create a donation platform
for members to participate in
Generate reports on donations made
by members/groups in a church or
branches of the church